Imagine this:

A Collaboration Security platform that empowers SOC Analysts by enabling them to identify real threats in seconds using a visual representation of suspicious activities. This saves them work hours and allows them to focus on detecting and protecting against actual threats.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge is to secure corporate collaboration environments like Slack, Google Chat, and OneClound. This can be achieved by creating a visual representation of organizational structures and detecting risky behavior before it causes any harm.
Or, in short, making sure that Joe from Accounting isn’t able to share the confidential SEC information on OneDrive and not even know that he did so.¬†

Project Origins РHow it was Originally Conceived 
The Solution:

The solution involved research, ideation, and multiple design iterations. Through this process, a range of highly visual solutions were developed and tested with design partners and early-stage customers. While not all of these solutions made it to the finish line, they were still valuable parts of the overall process and contributed to the final solution.
Beneath you will find the Dashboards, Incident, Data Catalogue and Analytics screens that were created throughout this product’s development process.

Incident and Process Visualization Screens
Incidents Investigation Screen
Data Catalog Screen
Analytics Screens
Product Personas