Corporate trainings is big business especially in industries where training is a prerequisite to doing your job, like the Aviation Industry. This where Envoy comes in, Envoy is a Curriculum Management System where large corporations can manage their trainings.

The Challenge

Curriculum Management Systems tend to be heavy on derails and information. The challenge is to give the user the ability to fully customise his/her system, create topic-centric regions on the page as well as the ability to save different work areas for the different personas involved in the usage of this product. 


In researching this project I identified the various industries that most use this product and made sure to select a wide variety of these subjects, so to cover all use cases.

Market or competitor research was conducted ahead of several rounds of User Research and User Testing.


My research helped me focus on the various personas using this product: Instructor, Training Managers, C-Suite Executives. These personas helped define basic features that were considered “must haves” for a successful relaunch.


The first over arching idea for Envoy is customisation. The many personas using the product, as well as the many data points that make the product, forced me and the team to build a personalisation mechanism that was present throughout the user journey


Prototyping for this project consisted of many dozens of drawing, redrawing and iterations of the various screens of this SasS app. Not surprisingly the prototyping began first around the main screens and only then back to more basic screens such as the registration flows and Add New Record flow screens.


Testing for this project consisted of several ongoing rounds of user testings in order to validate the various iterations and personas of this project. A user advisory board was established for this purpose. 

Final Product